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Energy Evaluations for homes

We at Enerhome consulting use building science to improve new and existing projects. Our focus is on Building’s Performance of your house, low energy designs and meeting efficiency targets for our clients.

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New Homes Evaluations

Natural Resources Canada (NRcan) run a national program called Energuide.This rating program is a standard way to measure a home’s energy performance. The ERS (EnerGuide Rating System) service provides independent, third-party energy efficiency advice. Reducing the amount of energy that Canadians use in their homes is part of Canada’s climate-change solution. The goal is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to help improve our environment and repair previous damages inflicted by our negligent use of resources and energy.

Infrared Thermal Inspections

We can detect serious construction flaws such as air leakage, missing insulation, roof leaks, moisture infiltration, heating ventilation difficulties, and more during an infrared camera assessment.

Our professionally trained and licenced energy consultants can use these cameras to seenbehind the walls of your home and determine where energy savings might be accomplished.

Blower Door Airtightness Testing

Our energy experts use a big industrial fan to completely seal one of the home's exterior doors and ensure that it is airtight during a blower door airtightness test. The fan then depressurizes the house by sucking all of the air out, resulting in negative pressure or a vacuum. When air exits the house, it enters through any natural air leakage points such as doors, fireplaces, around windows, attic hatches, wiring, light switches, and receptacles.

We can stroll around the house and locate all of the air leakage sites using this method. We will know your ACH after the exam is completed (air changes per hour). The blower door airtightness test is the most effective method for locating air leaks in your home.

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REUP for City of Vancouver

The Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal (REUP) is a checklist that must be submitted with the permit application to the City of Vancouver. It highlights the scope of work in a renovation and details the house's present energy status as well as the changes that are being planned. If you are planning a renovation in your house, the 2019 Vancouver Building By-law (VBBL) requires that you perform energy-efficient measures as part of your renovation. Any new work and room additions must also comply with the VBBL, including walls, windows, heating and hot water systems. The upgrades depend on the year of the scope and the cost of the project. Homes completing EnerGuide assessments must submit a Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal form, completed by your Energy Advisor. We can help you get the proposal form ready.

Stepcode Compliance

The Energy Step Code is currently a voluntary provincial standard that provides an incremental and consistent approach to achieving more energy-efficient buildings that go beyond the requirements of the base Building Code. It does so by establishing a series of measurable, performance-based energy-efficiency requirements for construction that builders can choose to build to, and communities may voluntarily choose to adopt in bylaws and policies. Our qualified energy advisers and professionals can assist you in navigating the new code with ease. The new code might be difficult to comprehend and follow, and it can be highly costly if you don't get the correct guidance. Enerhome Consulting can assist you in achieving step code compliance in a cost-effective and efficient manner. When evaluating Step Code design criteria, rules, and tools, the BC Energy Step Code BuilderGuide is a fantastic resource to explore! For additional details, visit the official Energy Step Code website.

EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluations

We at Enerhome Consulting can help you with an EnerGuide Evaluation to participate in a rebate programme, meet permit requirements for improvements, or just understand how much energy you consume in your house. Whether you are a home owner, home buyer, or a home builder, our Natural Resources Canada trained and licensed Home Energy Advisors can provide you with an EnerGuide Rating or ENERGY STAR® certification on the home and valuable information on how to make it more energy efficient.

We have NRCan Licensed Energy Advisors who will look at your home inside out and help you reduce your energy consumption. We will create a customized report to improve your house’s energy consumption

Why Us?

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Our Main purpose is to help clients reduce their energy bills and minimize the burden we put on environment.